Living with Knee Pain Isn’t Normal…Or Necessary

You stand up and feel pressure in your knees. When you’re out on walks, you find yourself stopping for breaks more frequently than you used to. You avoid stairs whenever possible.

Getting older is lousy, isn’t it?

The reality is, knee pain isn’t just a symptom of getting older—and there’s no reason to just accept it as some unavoidable reality. If you consistently experience soreness, numbness, swelling, or overall discomfort in one or both of your knees, you might be suffering from an overuse injury or damage to the soft tissue in your knee. These injuries are treatable, and in many cases, chiropractic care offers the relief knee pain sufferers need. 

What Causes Knee Pain?

As we mentioned above, a few different issues can lead to knee pain. These include:

  • Injuries
  • Chronic overuse
  • Arthritis, including age-related osteoarthritis

The pain itself can be the direct result of damage to the ligaments and/or cartilage in the knee. In other cases, arthritis is the cause.

In any case, knee pain can make it challenging or even impossible to do the activities you enjoy—or even the activities you need to do, like driving and household chores. It might manifest as stiffness, soreness, swelling, or a discomfort that gradually becomes more intense over time.  

How can Chiropractic Care Relieve Knee Pain?

Chiropractors do more than spinal manipulation. To treat knee pain, a chiropractor might focus on stretching and manipulating the impacted knee to promote circulation and range of motion. This can also reduce inflammation and relieve tension in the muscles in and surrounding the knee joint.

Depending on the patient’s needs, chiropractic care might also include:

  • MLS laser treatment
  • Chiropractic adjustments focused on the knee joint
  • Active release technique (ART), a technique developed to release pressure and tension on the soft tissue in the knee
  • Ultrasound wave massage
  • Electrical heat stimulation of the knee
  • Myofascial release. This technique works similarly to a deep tissue massage and promotes improved knee function by softening the muscles in the knee area

Every patient we work with receives a personalized care plan developed around their specific condition. 

What Happens if Knee Pain is Left Untreated?

When knee pain is left untreated, it almost never gets better on its own. Even in the best case scenario, untreated knee pain means living day to day with the pain, unable to do the things you’d normally do like walk comfortably, exercise, and perform household tasks. 

Work with an Experienced Virginia Chiropractor

If you’re currently living with knee pain, treat yourself with compassion and seek relief. Schedule a consultation with our team and learn more about your treatment options and outlooks. 

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