ESPN announcer & Fox News host Britt McHenry

Earlier this year former ESPN announcer and Fox News host Britt McHenry came to our office complaining of headaches and other odd symptoms. She mentioned she was putting ice packs on her head every night and that it was causing her to vomit. She brushed it off as migraines. Suspecting something wasn’t right we held off any chiropractic treatment and instead ordered a brain MRI which revealed a large frontal enhancing mass. The ordering radiologist sent her to the emergency room who then sent her to Johns Hopkins where within 10 days of visiting us she had life saving surgery. We wish her the best in her recovery! The moral of this story is that good treatment comes from good diagnosis regardless of what profession you are in and the only way you can treat a patient correctly is by diagnosing them correctly. Most of the time a headache is a headache but sometimes there is more to it. Regardless of what kind of healthcare practitioner you seek it is the quality of care that is important and the most important aspect is getting the right diagnosis. (Ms. McHenry was kind enough to allow us to share her story)

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